Riley Township

Notice of Ordinance Amendment #34-22 Ordinance Enforcement Officer

ORD 34-22.OEO.docx AMENDED 12-13-22

ORD 34-22 Amendment Notice of Publication

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an amendment to ordinance #34-22 Ordinance Enforcement Officer was adopted by the Riley Township Board at a regular board meeting on December 13, 2022. On that day a motion was made by Clerk Behem to adopt the amendment as presented and supported by Treasurer Rushing.

The purpose of the amendment is to re-label Section 3: DUTIES to “AUTHORITY”, and re-label Section 4: DEFINITIONS to “DUTIES”

A full copy of the amended ordinance can be obtained at the township office at 13042 Belle River Rd, Riley, MI, 48041, during regular business hours.

This ordinance amendment will become effective 30 days following publication of this notice of adoption.



I hereby certify that the foregoing amendment to Ordinance #34-22 of the Township of Riley, was duly adopted by the Riley township Board at a regular meeting on 12-13-2022.

Dawn Behem, Riley Township Clerk

Published: 12-21-2022