Riley Township

Welcome RLEMS Station #4 to Riley Township!

Welcome Richmond Lenox EMS Station #4 to Riley Township! The station is located at 609 Burnell in Riley Township and will be officially open for operations serving the communities of Riley Township, Wales Township and City of Memphis  on Sunday, June 3rd, 2023.

Riley Township Board Workshop Notice

The Riley Township Board shall hold a workshop on June 13th, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. located at the Riley Township Hall located at 13016 Belle River Road, Riley Michigan. The purpose of the workshop is to collect public input to develop an ordinance to regulate and provide public safety for Firearms, Weapons and Hunting. Riley […]

Publication Notice of Amendment Adoption

Notice of Adoption SEC 924 C1-AMENDMENT ZONING ORDINANCE # 33 SECTION 924(C,1) FENCES Notice is hereby given that the Riley Township Board adopts Zoning Ordinance Section 924 text amendment to the Ordinances of Riley Township at a regular meeting held on April 11th, 2023. A public hearing has been conducted as required by law and […]

Public Notice of Ordinance #60-2023 Municipal Civil Infractions

PUBLICATION NOTICE OF ORDINANCE # 60 – 2023 ADOPTION SUMMARY OF THE RILEY TOWNSHIP 2023 MUNICIPAL CIVIL INFRACTIONS The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide for municipal civil infractions of certain township ordinance and penalties; establish procedures relating to municipal civil infractions; authorizations of township officials who can issue civil infraction tickets and appearance […]

Publication Notice Ord 59-2023 Wind & Solar Moratorium

PUBLICATION NOTICE OF ORDINANCE # 59 – 2023 ADOPTION SUMMARY OF THE RILEY TOWNSHIP 2023 WIND AND SOLAR MORATORIUM  The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide sufficient time for Riley Township to explore, analyze, research and make informed decisions regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Meteorological Towers and Large Solar Energy Facilities. The Riley Township […]

Publication Notice Ordinance Amendment 6-2023 House Trailer

PUBLICATION NOTICE OF ORDINANCE # 6 – 2023 AMENDMENT ADOPTION SUMMARY OF ORDINANCE AMENDMENT HOUSE TRAILER The purpose of this Ordinance amendment is to remove, Item C (1 thru 5) from Section 3: Location Outside of Licensed Trailer Camps of the ordinance. The Riley Township Board adopts Ordinance amendment No. 6-2023 House Trailer to the […]

Lown Cemetery

POSTED: PROHIBITED ON CEMETERY PREMISES: NO VEHICLES (Of any kind), BIKES, GOLF CARTS, SxS, or ATV’s.  Please respect the cemetery and report any damage to Riley Township Office at (810) 392-2326 Cemetery NOTICE