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An Ordinance enacted under Michigan Zoning Enabling Act 110 0f 2006, as amended, (P.H. 6/13/2011; Adopted 10/4/2011; Published 10/13/2011) governing the unincorporated portions of the Township of Riley, St. Clair County, Michigan, to regulate and restrict the location and use of buildings, structures and land for trade, industry, residence, and for public and semi-public or other specified uses; to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings and other structures; to regulate and to determine the size of yards, courts, and open spaces; to regulate and limit the density of population; and for said purposes, to divide the Township into districts and establishing the boundaries thereof; providing for changes in the regulations, restrictions and boundaries of such districts; defining certain terms used herein; providing for enforcement; establishing a Board of Appeals; and imposing penalties for the violation of this Ordinance.


Pursuant to the authority conferred by the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act 110 of 2006 , as amended (P.H. 6/13/2011; Adopted 10/4/2011; Published 10/13/2011) of the State of Michigan in such case, made and provided for the purpose of promoting and protecting the public health, safety, peace, morals, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Township of Riley by protecting and conserving the character and social and economic stability of the residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and other use areas; by securing the most appropriate use of land; preventing overcrowding of the land and undue congestion of population; providing adequate light, air, and reasonable access; facilitating adequate and economical provisions of transportation, water, sewers, schools, recreation, and other public requirements; and by other means, all in accordance with a comprehensive plan, now therefore:




ZOART1.SEC101.Short Title-Zoning Ordinance


This Ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the Township of Riley Zoning Ordinance.

ZONING ORDINANCE 33 - ARTICLE 2 Construction of Language and Definitions
ZONING ORDINANCE 33 - ARTICLE 11 Planning Commission - Special Approval Uses

SECTION 1101.Intent-Planning Commission-Special Approval Uses

SECTION 1102.Application Procedures and Fees

SECTION 1103.Required Information

SECTION 1104.Public Hearing

SECTION 1105.Review Procedures

SECTION 1106.Determination and Imposition of Conditions

SECTION 1107.Approval

SECTION 1108.Denial

SECTION 1109.Revocation of Special Approval Use Permit

SECTION 1110.Agribusiness Uses

SECTION 1111.Auto Service Centers-Stations

SECTION 1112.Campgrounds-Overnight Camping Parks-Specialized Resorts

SECTION 1113.Cemeteries

SECTION 1114.Churches-Houses of Worship

SECTION 1115.Commercial Non-Retail Greenhouse

SECTION 1116.Convalescent or Rest Home

SECTION 1117.Golf Course

SECTION 1118.HogFarms-Feedlots-EggFactories-MushroomProcessPlants-MushroomFarms

SECTION 1119-Home Occupations-AMENDED 6-2021

SECTION 1120.Hospitals

SECTION 1121.JunkYard-AutoSalvage-Recycling Operations

SECTION 1122.Kennels-Commercial

SECTION 1123.Kennels-Private

SECTION 1124.Mining of Sand-Gravel-Topsoil

SECTION 1125.Residential Mobile Home Park

SECTION 1126.Multiple Family Dwellings

SECTION 1127.NurserySchools-DayCareCenters-ChildCaringInstituition-GroupDayCareHomes 7-12children 

SECTION 1127.ChildCareCenters-FamilyChildCareHomes-GroupChildCareHomes-AMENDED 6-13-2023

SECTION 1128.Public Buildings without Storage Yards

SECTION 1129.Riding Academies and Stables-Commercial

SECTION 1130.Schools

SECTION 1131.Shooting Ranges and Gun Clubs

SECTION 1133.Utility Structures-Transmissions Systems-Wireless Transmission-Reception Relay Towers

SECTION 1134.Sexually Orientated Business Ordinance

SECTION 1135.Limited Business Uses

SECTION 1136.Commercial Composting

SECYION 1137.Private Use Aircraft Landing Fields

SECTION 1138.Contractors and Storage of Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

SECTION 1139.Wireless Communications Facilities and Towers

SECTION 1140.Vehicle Wash Facilities

ZONING ORDINANCE 33 - ARTICLE 14 Changes and Amendments

ZOART14.Changes and Amendments

The Township Board may from time to time, on recommendation from the Planning Commission or on petition, amend, supplement or change the district boundaries or the regulations herein, or subsequently established herein pursuant to the authority and procedure established in Michigan Zoning Enabling Act 110 of 2006, as amended. (P.H. 6/13/2011; Adopted 10/4/2011; Published 10/13/2011) An application for rezoning of any real property shall be accompanied by a processing fee, in an amount established by resolution of the Township Boards.

ZONING ORDINANCE 33 - ARTICLE 15 Interpretation


In the interpretation and application, the provisions of this Ordinance shall be held to be minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of the public health, morals, safety, comfort, convenience, or general welfare.  It is not intended by this Ordinance to repeal, abrogate, annul, or in any way to impair or interfere with any existing provision of law or ordinance other than the above described Zoning Ordinance, or with any rules, regulations or permits previously adopted or issued or which shall be adopted or issues pursuant to the law that where this Ordinance imposed a greater restriction than is required by existing ordinance or by rules, regulations or permits, the provisions of this Ordinance shall control.


ZOART16.Vested Right

Nothing in this Ordinance should be interpreted or construed to give rise to any permanent vested rights in the continuation of any particular use, district, zoning classification or any permissible activities therein; and, they are hereby declared to be subject to subsequent amendment, change or modification as may be necessary to the preservation or protection of public health, safety and welfare.

ZONING ORDINANCE 33 - ARTICLE 18 Severance Clause

ZOART18.Severance Clause

Sections of this Ordinance shall be deemed to be severable and should any section, paragraph, or provision hereof be declared by the courts to be unconstitutional or invalid, such holdings shall not affect the validity of this Ordinance as a whole or any part hereof, other than the part so declared to be unconstitutional or invalid.



The existing zoning regulations of Riley Township, County of St. Clair, being Ordinance No. 5, as amended, are hereby repealed.


The adoption of this Ordinance, however, shall not affect nor prevent any pending or future prosecution of, or action to abate, any existing violation is also a violation of the provisions of this Ordinance.


SECTION 2001.Effective Date

Public hearing having been held herein, the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby given immediate effect upon its publication pursuant to the provisions of Act 184 of the Public Acts of 1943, as amended.


Made and passed by the Township Board of the Township of Riley, St. Clair County, Michigan on this 1st day of February, 1988.



Date of Public Hearing: September 30, 1987.


Date of Adoption by Township Board: February 1, 1988.


Date of Notice of Adoption: February 10, 1988.


Date That Penalty Provisions and This Ordinance Shall Take Effect: March 11, 1988.